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High percentage return of serve !
Pattern your game after Rafael nadal- 12 grand slam winner- 8 time French Open champ
Owning Proper Court Position: a Winning strategy
create offensive opportunies by hitting the ball down the middle and deep!
Make sure you close the net tight once you hit an offensive volley


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Controlling the court with topspin

If you possess topspin groundstrokes, you can control the court with it. You can hit for depth, and work the crosscourt angles to get your opponent off the court, and open up the court.Topspin needs to become a part of your game and be the be the base or foundation of your groundstrokes.

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Scout your opponents weaknesses in the match warmup

In most matches, depending upon the format , you are given a ten minute warmup to get in a rhythm , and tuneup your game. This time is also very useful to gauge your opponents strengths and weaknesses.Start with backhands as your opponents probable weakness, forehand strength.

If your opponent is making a lot of errors with one shot, or avoiding hitting a certain shot, make a mental note of that .These will be vital to take advantage of and to gameplan against your opponert
in minutes. You want to dictate by playing your game, not your opponents.

Hitting crosscourt will control court position

You can control the court if you are smart by using crosscourt depth and angles .Hitting crosscourt allows you more room to make shots that is why it is high %.It is also going over the low part of the net too, which also makes this direction high %.You must play high percentage shots in order to win , more than you lose.

Keep this in mind on the tennis court. Dont forget hitting down the middle with depth is high percentage shot-making too!

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Approach shots -part 2

The most important thing to remember is if you did not end the point with a winner, which the approach shot usually wont, you must follow the ball as you move into the volley position.You must get tight to the net so that a passing shot will not go by you crosscourt, opponents need to lob, or go down the line,(which is a lower % shot).

If you hit your shot with enough depth and pace , and angle you will have enough time to react to the passing shot.

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Footwork on the baseline

Footwork is the most vital component on the tennis court.If you do not move well or correctly, it doers not matter how good your technique is. You have to position your body close enough to the ball to hit it well. You must turn and run to the ball, and recover back to the middle (after every shot), by shuffling back and watching your opponent while you do so.

Your movement must be as fast or faster then the ball is truck by your opponent. If your opponent is a pusher, then you will have a lot of time to get in position.

Approach shot execution-Part 1

The importance of attacking your opponents weakness when you come to net is huge, but dont forgot your volley will be easier to put away if it is placed with depth, usually down the middle, deep to the backhand, and big angle to the forehand side.

If the ball is hit deep in the court, you will have more time to react to their passing shot giving you the upper hand to win the point.

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Thanks so much
Dan greenberger

Playing a half volley instead a low losing the point volley

When you are inside the service line and a slow shot is hit do not try to run forward and volley the low shot at a low position, where you will volley the ball up and get passed. Let the SLOW BALL BOUNCE, hit a groundstroke by taking a half-swing, with no backswing.This way you can hit an offensive ball and take control of the point instead of hitting a defensive ball, and losing the point.

Be smart and patient, and you will reap the rewards!

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End points quickly with a swinging volley

You can create weak floaters when you hit with depth and pace and have your opponent on the defensive.Once you get a floater around the waist level conatc point range, you can hit a regular forehand groundtroke out of the air, (the swinging volley), which will give your opponent less time to react to the pace of this shot. If the ball is at your shoulder height, just hit your regular volley which is easier to control at that height.

The most important thing to remember is that time is your ally, so try to take that reaction time from your opponent.

How to return shots from a power player

If you are a playing any player that hits with a lot of pace, whether they are a kid, adult, or the like.You need to learn how to use his pace against him.You just block the shot back by not taking any backswing at all. You just go from your contact point where you hit the ball, and finish the followthrough and you will use his pace against him. This same swing should be utilized against a fast return of serve too.

So dont fear the pace, just embrace it , and return it with short swings for constant success!

Work the point and wait for your opportunity

I see a lot of players trying to hit winners when they are behind the baseline.This is an extremely low percentage play. You need to drive the ball deep and wait for a short ball and then you will have a higher percentage shot, and be able to angle the ball off the court.

Do no try to create something that is not there.If you try to force shots from a defensive position, you can make a lot of errors. Strike your opponent with deep groundstrokes and you will be rewarded..
Patience pays off on the tennis court.
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