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High percentage return of serve !
Pattern your game after Rafael nadal- 12 grand slam winner- 8 time French Open champ
Owning Proper Court Position: a Winning strategy
create offensive opportunies by hitting the ball down the middle and deep!
Make sure you close the net tight once you hit an offensive volley


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High percentage return of serve !

When you are the return player, you must get the servers ball in play a high percentage of the time to have a chance to compete. The easiest way to proceed is to shorten your swing be removing the backswing and just blocking the ball back into play.

As far as high percentage returns , depth always wins. You need to return the ball deep down the middle, or crosscourt. These are safe shots.

Thanks so much for your faith in me!
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Daniel Greenberger

Pattern your game after Rafael nadal- 12 grand slam winner- 8 time French Open champ

I watched the French Open Mens final and have always appreciated the toughness of the Spanish players, and now their ability to play well on all surfaces. I have always been a Federer fan , and believe he is still the best ever because of his versatility and variety and abilirt to win consistently on any surface throughout his career.

nadal is an amazing lefty champion that has a dominating forward because of the power and control of shot.He has this because of an unbeleivable amount of topsin and accelleration together as a huge weapon.

Owning Proper Court Position: a Winning strategy

When you can anticipate your opponents moves before they happen, you are in control of the match. There are many other aspects you must own on the court and that is taking advantage of your offnsive shots and moving into a ore offensive court position, while your opponent backs up in a more defensive position.

When you attack with your forehand and get your opponent scrambling, that is a dominant position to be in.

I teach this positioning in kids and adult lessons, and all my group lessons too. 

create offensive opportunies by hitting the ball down the middle and deep!

There are many ways to create offensive opportunities on the tennis court.One of the best ways is hitting the ball hard down the middle jamming your opponent.Typically your opponents will expect you to hit penetrating shots to the corners not usually down the middle of the court. this surprise play will give you many short ball opportunities where you can take control of the point.

In my group, private lessons and v=camps this is one of the many strategies we will go over .This is also great because it is a high % shot.

Make sure you close the net tight once you hit an offensive volley

be careful to close the net too quickly and be susceptible to the lob. In kids and adult tennis lessons, group lessons and camps, we work on balance and patience to close the net wisely after on offensively deep volley. You have to be in a good ,offensive position where your opponent has to choose whether to drive or lob the ball to win the point.

If you get to close to the net after the first volley, you are giving away your position and offensive advantage. The exception to this rule is when your opponent is on the full stretch and they will not be able to lobe, then get in tight to the net.

Bend your knees when your racquet is back to get more pace and lift on your shots!

If you shit your shots low over the net, there is an easy remedy for this.When you play matches, typically you will get nervous and your shots will play closer to the net.

The remedy to get more lift and height over the net is to bend you knees when you take your racquet back or backswing, your knees should be bent and then when you hit the ball your straighten your body upward to get more lift, pace and depth through the court.

For great tips like this and more.My First book , Tennis Skills Mastery will be sold on this site-danstennislessons.

Gain Confidence By Hitting To High Percentage Areas of the Court!

Today we are talking about all level players, and how to use the smart shot making areas of the court.When you hit the ball close to the middle of the net, which is the lower part of the net, that gives you a higher % chance of safety in your shot execution.When you hit the ball down the middle (over the center of the net), and crosscourt(forehand to forehand or backhand to backhand side), you are playing the percentages of execution.

When you hit the ball straight ahead, or down the line more than 5-10% of the time , this is low % shotmaking.

Weight transfer on the return of serve

The return of serve is a vital shot to the get the point going and in play from the servers racquet. You should split step when the ball toss is in the air , this will give you balance and the ability to leverage power through your return shot from your weight transfer .Your weight should always be forward off your return of serve so that you can be aggressive off the serve.

I will talk about this more in my new book Tennis Skills mastery, that will be onsale as an ebook on my website by June 20.For those that are not local to my area, can benefit from my wealth of tennis knowledge for a price everyone can afford.

Position your body in the optimum stance to hit the ball effectively!

You must position your body in whats called the open stance to get optimium results from your shotmaking.If you turn your body sideways to the ball, you are lessing many aspects of good shotmaking. Swinging across your body, not leveraging your legs, bad balance, bad recovery after your short.There are so many reasons not to line up this way with your feet and body position.
The right stance, open stance allows you to recover quickly, have great balnce and use your legs well for power through your shot.

Shorten the point with a swinging volley!

I must first apologize because my blog has been relegated to every three days because i am writing my first tennis book.Not to fret, it would be sold on this site.It will have info. for beginners, adv,.beginner , and intermediate players, and some info.for tournament players.

What i want to discuss today is timing a swinging volley out of the air.This shot usually elimina the need for 2 or 3 shots to end the point.this usually will make the point end right after the swinging volley.I will discuss this more in my new book.
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